Wellington Adult Respiratory Support Seminar

01 Nov 08:45 AM - 04:00 PM
This seminar is designed for clinical staff in an acute care setting. The physiology of the respiratory system in a normal intact adult airway is discussed. The role humidification plays in maintaining normal respiratory function is then reviewed. We discuss what happens to the physiology of the airway as a consequence of invasive/noninvasive ventilation. The clinical benefits of optimal humidity are then presented. The mechanisms of action of Nasal High Flow will be presented and how these can improve patient care and outcomes. In addition, there will be extensive hands-on workshops.
Please note that 'Optilfow THRIVE' (used in Theatre), Surgical Humidification ('Humigard') and OSA will not be covered in detail in this seminar.


Nursing Professional Development Recognition Programme 7 hours


Wellington Hospital. Classrooms L1105 & L1106. PDU. Ward Support Block
Riddiford St Newtown
Wellington 6021

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